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Kinsey Ann Durham

Vail Valley Anglers Field Ambassador


New Mexico


Denver, Colorado

Tell us more about your fly fishing background (why you enjoy fly fishing and what got you into it):

Growing up, I did ballet, was always the 'girly-girl', and was not big into the outdoors. The wild unknown scared me. I would always watch my dad, grandpa, uncles and male cousins go out fishing. The women never went along. We always stayed behind. But, in my twenties I started to do more and more things in the outdoors. I started to feel more and more comfortable. Learning how to fly fish changed my life and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have found my greatest passion in life. I spend every free moment I have outside fly fishing. I still get the reactions of "I can't picture you liking fishing. or "I am still so shocked that you got into this." But, people are happy for me. They see how much joy fly fishing has brought into my life. I have met life-long friends, learned that I have a deep passion for solving environmental issues and have discovered a part of myself that I never knew existed. I feel brave, fearless and rejuvenated from the adventures I have had fly fishing this year. I have traveled all over Colorado, parts of the US, New Zealand, Ascension Bay, Cayman Islands to fly fish. And I cannot wait for the many new places that I will go, adventures to be had, amazing people to meet, and streams/lakes and fish to be saved. The wild unknowns have become my new best friend.

Tell us more about your background:

I am a software engineer at GoSpotCheck and speak at tech conferences around the world. I danced ballet for 13 years growing up. I am obsessed with my dog Harleigh!

What is your favorite fish species to target and why?

If I am in Colorado: Brown Trout. If I am near an ocean: Tarpon and Bonefish.

Where do you like to fish?

The Colorado river and Eagle river in Colorado, the Owen river in New Zealand and the Caribbean.