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Vail Valley Anglers
Fly Fishing Colorado Rivers

Fly Fishing Colorado's Top Ten Summer Hatches

Summer is just around the corner and Colorado anglers need to be prepared with the right patterns for fly fishing Colorado’s Top Ten Summer Hatches. These insects hatch about the same time each summer and provide the majority of the food for trout in all area trout fisheries. While anglers fly fishing in and around Vail, Colorado would do well to have fly boxes stocked with general searching and attractor patterns like Prince Nymphs and Royal Wulffs, to be consistently successful it is imp...

Fly Fishing Colorado Rivers

Fly Fishing Colorado's Green Drake Hatch

The world famous hatch of the Western Green Drake is one of Colorado's most noteworthy summer fly fishing events. Anglers travel from all over the world to experience the emergence of this large mayfly on rivers like Colorado's Roaring Fork. Fish of all sizes abandon the safety and cover of deep water to rise to the surface and take down these these big, graceful mayflies. In order to properly fish this incredible hatch, it is important to understand when and how it happens, and what pat...