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Vail Valley Anglers
Fly Fishing Colorado Rivers

Fly Fishing Colorado's Top Ten Summer Hatches

Summer is just around the corner and Colorado anglers need to be prepared with the right patterns for fly fishing Colorado’s Top Ten Summer Hatches. These insects hatch about the same time each summer and provide the majority of the food for trout in all area trout fisheries. While anglers fly fishing in and around Vail, Colorado would do well to have fly boxes stocked with general searching and attractor patterns like Prince Nymphs and Royal Wulffs, to be consistently successful it is imp...

Fly Fishing Tips and Tricks

Breaking Fly Fishing Rules to Catch More Trout

Fly fishing for trout includes a long list of rules and techniques that most professional guides will tell you must be strictly followed in order to consistently catch fish. From mending properly to choosing the right fly pattern, you may have read a lot about many of these tactics in our library of blogs, and there is no doubt that understanding and executing the foundations of fly fishing leads to being among the select group of anglers who always seem to catch the majority of the fish.


Fly Fishing Colorado Rivers

Fly Fishing Colorado Early Spring Hatches

Early Spring fly fishing in Colorado is excellent and many anglers are already flocking to local rivers near Vail, Colorado searching for big brown and rainbow trout. Well known hatches of Blue-winged Olive mayflies and a variety of midges hatch each day on rivers like the Eagle and Roaring Fork Rivers. These small insects are the first steady food source for trout and smart anglers will have a good supply of flies imitating BWOs and midges in their fly boxes.

An even smarter angler will be...

Fly Fishing Colorado Rivers

Fly Fishing the Pale Morning Dun Hatch

Across the western United States, one of the most anticipated hatches of the summer is a medium to small sized mayfly called the Pale Morning Dun. Here in Vail Valley, Pale Morning Duns or PMDs, generate a lot of interest from trout and very good dry fly fishing for anglers on local streams like the Eagle River, Roaring Fork and Colorado River. It is a predictable and dependable hatch.
Unlike some mayflies like Blue Winged Olives which prefer to hatch during cloudy, dreary weather, the PMD is ...

Fly Fishing Colorado Rivers

Fly Fishing Colorado's Summer Hatches

It looks like our local rivers in the Vail, Colorado area have peaked and are now dropping which is a great indication that summer hatches and great dry fly fishing will begin soon. At Vail Valley Anglers, we are fortunate enough to have access to several rivers which provide fairly predictable insect emergences each summer. While the timing and intensity of these hatches may vary from year to year, each one brings it own unique fly fishing challenges and rewards. Now is the time to get prepared...

On the water

How Do I Choose Which Trout Fly Will Work Best?

Fly fishermen are a funny group of people. Author Jim Harrison has a story about a coyote watching the weird human “standing in a river waving a stick.” We try to fool creatures with brains smaller than a pea with bits of fur, feather and synthetic materials lashed to a hook. When we do actually manage to land a couple of trout, we like to point out how “smart” the fish are in this river or that stream and how it was necessary to use just the right fly pattern in just the...