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Vail Valley Anglers
Fly Fishing Colorado Rivers

Fly Fishing Colorado's Top Ten Summer Hatches

Summer is just around the corner and Colorado anglers need to be prepared with the right patterns for fly fishing Colorado’s Top Ten Summer Hatches. These insects hatch about the same time each summer and provide the majority of the food for trout in all area trout fisheries. While anglers fly fishing in and around Vail, Colorado would do well to have fly boxes stocked with general searching and attractor patterns like Prince Nymphs and Royal Wulffs, to be consistently successful it is imp...

Fly Fishing Colorado Rivers

Fly Fishing the Salmonfly Hatch

Fly Fishing the Salmonfly or Giant Stonefly Hatch

One of the most famed hatches in the entire world happens each year in early June just a short distance from the doors of Vail Valley Anglers on the upper Colorado River. Unfortunately with this year’s huge flows, we won’t see much action during this hatch. But this season, for anglers heading to other good salmonfly locations, Salmonflies will provide excellent fishing. These big bugs are known as Salmonflies, Giant Stoneflies, ...

Fly Fishing Education

Fly Fishing Education and Gear | Why do I Need a Stream Thermometer?

Why Is A Stream Thermometer Important For Fly Fishermen?

Most serious fly fishermen have a stream thermometer stashed somewhere in their vest, chest pack, or boat bag, but it seems like they seldom dig it out and actually put it to work. What many anglers (and even guides) fail to realize is that changes in water temperature dictate so much more than just the comfort of our hands and feet.

Trout and insects alike respond immediately to sudden temperature changes and, as fly fishermen, ...