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Vail Valley Anglers
Fly Fishing Colorado Rivers

Fly Fishing Colorado's Top Ten Summer Hatches

Summer is just around the corner and Colorado anglers need to be prepared with the right patterns for fly fishing Colorado’s Top Ten Summer Hatches. These insects hatch about the same time each summer and provide the majority of the food for trout in all area trout fisheries. While anglers fly fishing in and around Vail, Colorado would do well to have fly boxes stocked with general searching and attractor patterns like Prince Nymphs and Royal Wulffs, to be consistently successful it is imp...

On the water

The Best Time of Year to Fly Fish in Vail, CO

As a year-round fly fishing guide, my clients often ask me what are the best months or times of year to come to Vail to fly fish. The short answer to these questions is that there is no single "best" time or month. Great fly fishing can be had any day, month or season throughout the year.

Colorado has no closed fishing season and anglers can find success on warm summer mornings and evenings, cool and cloudy autumn afternoons or snowy winter days. There is, however, times when t...