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The Loon Outdoors motto is "fish with a conscience." That accurately describes their mission of developing useful fly fishing accessories that are built with the goal of helping to preserve our environment and make products that safe for fish and fishermen alike. Loon Outdoors does this in a variety of innovative ways. They use bio-degradable materials in weights and strike indicators and use water soluble non-toxic solutions in their floatants, sealants and cleaners. Well known for Aquel dry fly floatant and UV Knot Sense, Loon has an extensive list of products including tools, that address dozens of fly fishing needs. Loon Outdoors is continually developing new items that not only make for a more enjoyable day of fly fishing but also address the very real need to do whatever possible to protect and preserve our watersheds and surrounding environments. At Vail Valley Anglers, we wholeheartedly agree with this concept and proudly sell the Loon Outdoors line in our fly shop.

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Loon Tippet Stack
"Versatile, switches easy"

I've used this for a couple of months now. It is easy to switch from pack, to waders, to boat. I have a velcro mount for it on my skiff so it mounts out of the way but accessible when needed. The carabiner hooks well to my sling pack and/or waders if going really minimal. The flat stack makes pulling tippet off easy and convenient. It's simple, light, unobtrusive, and functional.
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Loon Small Caddy
"Perfect on my creekin' kit"

Cheap and easy to use. Always have a bottle of Aquel in it and keep it attached to my creekin' vest. Swivels nicely and is durable, never loosing it when bushwacking.
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