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Jim and Kitty Vincent founded Rio in the mountains of Idaho in 1990, and since then, Rio has been creating the finest quality fly lines, leaders, and tippets on the planet. They have a loyal following of die hard anglers and guides all over the world, and they have earned that following by living on the cutting edge of fly fishing technology. Thousands of hours of research, both on the water and in the factory, have put Rio fly lines ahead of the pack with advanced features like their ConnectCore technology and MaxFloat line coating. Rio developers are never satisfied with "good enough". They are always improving and advancing their products to better serve anglers everywhere. Rio's terminal tackle products have a widespread reputation for strength and reliability that has gone unchallenged for over twenty years.  Whether you are stalking tailing bones in the Bahamian flats or casting for British Columbia steelhead, you can trust Rio fly lines to get your fly where it needs to be. Here at Vail Valley Anglers, we believe that every cast, drift, and fish matters, and we count on Rio products to keep us connected.

For more information on Rio's cutting edge technology or for help with fly line selection, visit the Rio video page or download the Rio Line Selector App.

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Rio Powerflex Trout Knotless Leader
"The only trout leader I use"

I have these in 7.5 and 9 foot lengths from 3X to 6X for all my trout fishing, from nymphing to dry fly. (Use 10# and 12# Maxima for streamers). Great leader, easy to knot and durable for mono. The only leader I use.
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Rio Perception Fly Line
"One of the Best"

This line floats great and casts amazing. Probably my current favorite floating line offered by anyone. If you're in the market for new line this stuff is great
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