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Trout Hunter is a well known lodge and fly shop located on the world famous Henry's Fork River in Idaho where some of the most technically advanced rainbow trout on the planet force anglers to be at the very top of their game. Because of the wary trout and demanding conditions of the Henry's Fork, the folks at Trout Hunter saw a need for greater performance, strength and versatility in fly fishing tippet material in order to put more fish in the net. The result was Trout Hunter tippet material and it was created by fly fishermen to outperform standard tippets. Available in monofilament and fluorocarbon, Trout Hunter offers reliability in strength, suppleness and turnover control. Half sizes are available for when conditions call for a little more strength or slightly less diameter. At Vail Valley Anglers we can vouch for all of these attributes, as well as Trout Hunter's waterproof, UV protective packaging and especially their fifty meter spools which last so much longer than standard tippet spools.

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Trout Hunter Rene Harrop Signature Leaders
"14' Trout Hunter Leader"

14' 5X Trout Hunter leaders are great for line shy fish. I used to add 5' or 6' 30lb. mono to the button ends of 9' leaders, but the connection knot didn't run smoothly through my rod's guides. The 14' 5X Trout Hunter leaders solved that problem, and have been great for dry and wet fly presentations.
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