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Dr. Slick Extra-Hand Fly Tweezer - Curved

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SKU: DRS00031: GldSatin/ 2.25 in


The curved Extra-Hand Fly Tweezer by Dr. Slick has a wide variety uses. From the tying bench to the water, these self closing, curved jaw tweezers can handle the tiny hooks, materials, and flies that your fingers can't. One of their best uses is to select and hold tiny flies throughout the rigging process. This keeps your hands free to tie better knots. 2.25 inches Self closing Curved jaw only Gold and satin color.

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9/5/2015 1:02:27 am

For my small flies

by usmc95

I got this for my box of tiny flies. Before I would reach in and have a few more stuck to my finger than I wanted, especially when dealing with #18 and below. I put this on my vest and like the description says, will hold them until you are ready to tie it. I have had a few "snap" out of the jaws, more my fault for not seating them better. But a good piece of kit.