Fly-Rite Stomach Pump

SKU: FLR00001: OneColor/ OSFA


Matching the hatch is a crucial step in fly fishing andthe Fly-Rite Stomach Pump will tell you exactly what the fish are eating. Simply use this handypump to extract the stomach contents of your first fish. The small diameter of the pump will not hurt thefish while the clear tube allows you to see the insects that the fishwas feeding upon.The Fly-Rite Stomach Pump makes it easy to select a fly that closely mimics exactly what the fish are seeking so that you can putmore fish in the net. Easy to see exactlywhich insects the fish are eating Won't harm fish Keeps angler'shands clean.

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1/22/2015 7:58:30 am

Be careful using it

by usmc95

I have this just in case I need to show myself or someone what the fish are eating and use it sparingly. I feel it is a little rough on the fish so make sure they are healthy and active if you use it at all, that's why only 3 stars.