Ed Lawn

Vail Valley Anglers Float Guide


Dennis, Massachusetts

Guide Experience:

Locally since 1984. Eagle River, Colorado River, Roaring Fork River.

Fishing Experience:

Growing up on Rural Cape Cod I spent the 1970's on our closest trout fishery, Scargo Lake. In 1983 I moved to Vail and have since traveled throughout the Western U.S. enjoying many different experiences.

Exotic Experience

"Fishing with my In-laws"

Wish List:

Mongolia. Species: "Taimen- world's largest Salmonoid (up tp 200 lbs- average 28"-30"). Also Amur and Lenok Trout (18"-22"). Visually it is similar to fishing in the Western U.S.


Hunting, collecting antique duck/goose decoys, numismatics, and developing wildlife habitat in an agricultural setting (Kansas).

Favorite Thing About Guiding:

"The First Fish" and developing long- term relationships.