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Scientific Anglers UST Single Density Floating

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SKU: SCA00273: OrgWill/ UST 525gr 8/9


When you need to scrape the bottom of the barrel (or fish right at the bottom of the river), the single-density UST 750 and 850 grain sinking Scandi heads are exactly what you need. Same density as the Sink 5, only heavier, which makes them get down even deeper. The taper design enables these lines to fish deeper than other grain-rated lines on the market. Textured surface reduces friction in the water and allows for easier pick-ups for sinking lines The taper design has most of the weight distributed at the back of the head with short rear tapers for easier rod loading and change of directions Long front tapers designed to deliver flies at distance and in the wind Designed for use with both conventional and poly leaders Please note: Pictures may not reflect actual size/density purchased.

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