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Vail Valley Anglers

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Reporter: Brody Henderson

Report Date:  October 3, 2016

Current Conditions

Brown and brook trout on Gore Creek are already showing their fall colors and Gore Creek is fishing well with small dry flies, egg patterns and small streamers. Try the upper Gore for aggressive browns and brook trout. On the lower river, stealth and patience will reward anglers who make a good cast and get a good drift to bigger ranbows and browns. Go with a very small strike indicator or a dry dropper rig on light tippet. Pocket water streamer fishing is very good right now and will remain excellent for a few more weeks. Gore Creek is Vail Valley's finest small stream fishery and pressure is light right now.

Guide Tip:  Try the lower Gore near the confluence with the Eagle River for larger brown trout moving into the Gore to spawn next month.

Hatches: Midges, BWOs

Recommended Files

NYMPHS: Rainbow Warrior 18-22, Zebra Midge 18-22, Tung Skinny Nelson 16-20, Barr Emerger BWO 18-22, Juju Baetis 18-20, Don King Midge 18-22, Top Secret Midge 18-22 Biot BWO 22, Magic Fly 18-22, Sparklewing RS2  18-22, Juju Baetis 18-22, Midge Biot BWO and Grey 18-22, Poison Tung 18-20

DRIES: Championship Caddis 13-15, Patriot 16-20 Hackle Stacker BWO 18-20, Bat Wing Emerger 18-22, Foam Para Adams 16-18, Renegade 16-18, Sprout BWO 18-22

STREAMERS: Thin Mint, Wooley Bugger, Autumn Splendor in smaller sizes 12 - 14




Gore Creek flows from high in the Gore Range to the east of Vail.  It originates at Gore Lake and flows to the confluence with the Eagle River at Dowd Junction just to the West of Vail.  This is a small freestone stream with excellent sight fishing. Fishing is best from the golf course in East Vail down to the Gold Medal stretch in West Vail and the confluence with the Eagle River.  However, fish can be caught along the entire length all the way up to the lake.  There are some beautiful fishing areas along the upper river as you approach the lake above the "Grave Site" turn off.  Gore Creek offers fly fishermen a legitimate shot at landing a Grand Slam of brookies, cutthroat, rainbows and brown trout and some surprisingly large fish reside in this fine trout stream.

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Other Information
The fishing on Gore Creek is good every month of the year. Winter provides some of the best fishing of the year and a few powder runs on Vail Mountain followed by a couple hours of sight fishing is a popular activity. An angler on Gore Creek has the chance to land all four species of trout found in Colorado. We provide Guide Fishing Trips,even throughout the winter. Let us show you some tips to catching the trout that inhabit Gore Creek by hiring a guide for the day.