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Katie Mazzia

Vail Valley Anglers Field Ambassador


Santa Barbara, California


Eagle, Colorado

Tell us more about your fly fishing background (why you enjoy fly fishing and what got you into it):

I spin fished my whole life as well as enjoyed deep sea fishing although my son, Jack Arnot had a passion for fly fishing when he received his first fly rod around 12 years old and then he taught me how to fly fish! I love being outdoors all day and exploring different rivers of Colorado. We live in a beautiful, scenic environment with amazing fishing opportunities; each day is an adventure!

Tell us more about your background:

I work full-time as a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) and certified diabetes educator (CDE) at Vail Valley Medical Center for 23 years. I'm an avid trail runner and mostly enjoy running in ultra-events. I'm very cautious and safety orientated, except I have went sky diving (once) and bungee jumped out a hot air balloon (once). Last summer, I tried my first fly-athlon (running and fishing event) + Burro racing (trail running with a burro-- it's a Colorado Heritage Sport).

What is your favorite fish species to target and why?

Brook Trout (small creeks and really fun fish to catch), and White Fish (fun fish to reel in), big fat brown trout (fight hard and are a challenge).

Where do you like to fish?

The White River, East Brush Creek, Eagle River, the Firehole River and any high mountain lake or stream.