Seems like everybody has a dog around here so we decided to give them their due!

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Name: Flirt

Parents: John and Marianne Cochran

Breed: English Cocker Spaniel 

Favorite Activity: That would be a toss up between kick ball and murdering baby rabbits?

Bad Habits: Eating my food so fast that I never chew it. Ooops!


Name: Hatch

Parents: Brett Elkman

Breed: English Cream Golden Retriever

Favorite Activity: Wrestling or Sitting in the Front of my raft scouting for fish.

Bad Habits: Licking my pillow until it's soaked.


Name: Sconnie

Parents: Ray and Angie Kyle

Breed: Beagle Mix

Favorite Activity: Loves to be outside fishing, camping and hiking, running speed circles. And of course, cuddling on the couch when she’s invited.

Bad Habits: Hiding under trees and rocks during thunderstorms.


Name: Murphy

Parents: Andy Leister

Breed: Chocolate Lab

Favorite Activity: Fishing! Skiing, playing fetch, playing with other dogs, swimming, running through

snow, and eating things he’s not supposed to eat.

Bad Habits: Murphy likes to pee on anything vertical.  Lampost, chair, railing and once he peed on a lady in the shop. 


Name: Roy

Parents: Patrick Perry

Breed: Toy Austrailian Shepard

Favorite Activity: Roy loves to go on float trips. He will bark at you if you dont set the hook fast enough

Bad Habits: Roy can be a bit jumpy around people he does not know.  He likes to bark at you and stay just out of reach.  He also likes to bite Whitefish!