Eagle River Shuttle Service

Vail Valley Anglers offers a seasonal vehicle transport throughout the various put ins and take outs along the Eagle River. We only do shuttles on the Eagle River. We are a fully insured and permitted operation through the BLM.

We operate the shuttle service from June until the beginning of August of any given year depending on runoff. Please call and verify availability if we are getting close to the beginning or end of the Eagle River Float Season.

You are required to complete our online waiver before your first shuttle by clicking on the link. Once completed this will remain on file. You are only required to sign this one time per season. In the waiver we do require your insurance policy number and carrier. We cannot complete your shuttle until this waiver is signed.

We require cash for payment the day of the shuttle so please plan ahead. We are able to make change with advance notice. If you need an afternoon shuttle please call prior to 11:00 AM to guarantee the service.
Please call Vail Valley Anglers to reserve a shuttle at (970) 926-0900.

Please have the following information ready when you are reserving you shuttle:

  • Vehicle Type
  • License Plate Number
  • Put In and Take Out Locations & Times
  • Where you will be leaving your keys
  • Where you will be leaving the payment
  • It is required to sign our one time liability waiver before we will move your vehicle

Eagle River Shuttle Rates:

  • Minturn to Edwards Sanitation Plant $50
  • AVON (Bob the Bridge) to Edwards Sanitation Plant $50
  • Edwards Sanitation Plant to Climbing Rock $50
  • Climbing Rock to Eagle Fairgrounds/Chambers Park $60
  • Eagle Fairgrounds/Chambers Park to Rittenhouse $65
  • Eagle Fairgrounds/Chambers Park to Community $65
  • Rittenhouse to Community $65
  • Rittenhouse to Duck Pond $65
  • Community to Duck Pond $65
  • Eagle Fairgrounds/Chambers Park to Duck Pond $75