It is now extremely easy to purchase a Colorado fishing license! Whether you need a new license or are just renewing your old one, procuring your valid Colorado fishing license is a simple process. It’s easy to register for both an in-state Colorado fishing license as well as an out-of-state fishing license for non-Colorado residents.

Through the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website, you can easily register for a wide variety of fishing licenses, ranging from a single-day license to a full annual license.

To purchase a Colorado fishing license, click here to travel to the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website to start registration!

What Do You Need to Purchase a Colorado State Fishing License?

Signing up for a fishing license in Colorado is an extremely easy process! Application is open to both visitors of Colorado and residents. The Colorado Parks & Wildlife department only requires you to complete the following steps:

  • Provide your name, residency, and some personal information
  • Choose which license you wish to purchase—i.e. how many rod stamps you want and how long you want your license for
  • Verify your purchase and select your delivery method

And that’s all you need to complete to become a certified angler in Colorado! If you’ve purchased a license before, they’ll remember your information, making re-registering for a license as easy as possible. Colorado offers the following licenses for both Colorado residents and visitors:

  • Single day
  • Annual
  • Additional day
  • Extra rod stamps

Annual combination fishing and small game and senior annual licenses are only available to Colorado residents, while only non-residents are eligible for five day licenses. For full pricing information, check our convenient chart below!

Once you have your Colorado license, you’re free to hit the streams! For a guided tour with one of our professional tour guides, contact Vail Valley Anglers today!

2023 License Fees

License & Other Fees
Annual Habitat Stamp
Annual (18-64)
Small Game & Fishing Combination (If born after 1948, you must show hunter education card)
Senior Annual (65+) Colorado residents only
Senior Low Income Lifetime Fishing (65+) Colorado residents only
Senior Annual Small Game & Fishing Combination (65+) NEW Colorado residents only
2nd Rod Stamp (Available to licensed residents, licensed nonresidents and youth under 16 years, licensed or unlicensed.)
Youth (16-17) Second-rod charge still applies. For youth under 16, see the Fishing Brochure.
N/A (same as non-resident adult)
Annual Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) Stamp*