There are many Colorado High Country locations that hold trout. Most of the trails that lead into the high country go to high mountain lakes. There are also many small streams that flow freely through the mountains and also hold good numbers of fish. For the small fly rod enthusiast, you can enjoy never seeing another fisherman and catching all your fish on dry flies. Stop by the shop and ask for some ideas. Many locations in the Colorado high country are only available to fish for roughly 90 days per year due to snow and other difficult weather conditions. In general the 4th of July is the starting date for accessing more remote areas with most of the snowpack receding to only the highest elevations.


Other Information
Homestake Creek is good option for early Spring season when the High Country is not quite available. Stop by the shop for some advice on how to fish this small creek. Need a guide? We provide Guided Fishing Trips daily, even throughout the winter. Let us show you some tips to catching fish by hiring a guide for the day.