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Vail Valley Anglers

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Reporter: Ray Kyle

Report Date:  May 26, 2017

Current Conditions

The Gore is experiencing the beginnings of the seasonal run off. The water is up and the wading has become much more difficult. The fish are still there, just holding more on the edges than usual. With the water higher up on the banks natural worms are being forced into the creek. Using a pink san juan or worm variation works wonders this time of year. Also, throwing small streamers will entice fish to strike. BWOs and Caddis are still popping off on warm days. Fishing under an indictor has been fairly productive with blue wing and caddis nymph patterns.  Be careful not to wade on the redds. Leave the paired up fish alone and move to a different spot if you see them spawing. This assures we will have more fish in the future.

Guide Tip: Throw streamers and make 3-4 strips, cast again then move on. 

Hatches: BWO's and Caddisflies

Recommended Files

NYMPHS: Barr Emerger BWO 18-22, Juju Baetis 18-20, Sparklewing RS2  18-22, Poison Tung 18-20, Micro May Fly (olive) 18-22, Flashback PT Pats Bread Crust 16-18, Buckskin Caddis 16-18, DB Rib Worm Pink/Red, Heavy Metal Worm Pink, Sparkle Worm, Vladi Worm

DRIES: Hackle Stacker BWO 18-20, Bat Wing Emerger 18-22, Foam Para Adams 16-18, PMX 16-18, Pearl and Elk Caddis 16-18, Clacka Caddis 14-16

STREAMERS: Jig Thin Mint 16, Baby Gonga, Sparkle Minnow, Baby Sculpzilla Blk 




Gore Creek flows from high in the Gore Range to the east of Vail.  It originates at Gore Lake and flows to the confluence with the Eagle River at Dowd Junction just to the West of Vail.  This is a small freestone stream with excellent sight fishing. Fishing is best from the golf course in East Vail down to the Gold Medal stretch in West Vail and the confluence with the Eagle River.  However, fish can be caught along the entire length all the way up to the lake.  There are some beautiful fishing areas along the upper river as you approach the lake above the "Grave Site" turn off.  Gore Creek offers fly fishermen a legitimate shot at landing a Grand Slam of brookies, cutthroat, rainbows and brown trout and some surprisingly large fish reside in this fine trout stream.

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Other Information
The fishing on Gore Creek is good every month of the year. Winter provides some of the best fishing of the year and a few powder runs on Vail Mountain followed by a couple hours of sight fishing is a popular activity. An angler on Gore Creek has the chance to land all four species of trout found in Colorado. We provide Guide Fishing Trips,even throughout the winter. Let us show you some tips to catching the trout that inhabit Gore Creek by hiring a guide for the day.