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Vail Valley Anglers

Reporter: Ray Kyle

Report Date: November 18, 2017

Current Conditions:  The browns and whitefish are in their annual spawn. Please be careful not to wade on their spawning beds. As far as fishing goes, nymphing continues to be the most productive method throughout the day. If the water is slightly stained, use nymphs or midges with a bit of flash.  Blue winged olives (BWOs) have been producing on top, as well as beneath the surface in size 20-22 for both the dry and nymph. Small (size 20-22) midge patterns have been a great dropper fly on a hopper dropper rig or as a bottom fly in a two fly nymph rig. The egg game has been starting to catch fish on the Eagle and acts as a great attractor fly. Presentation is everything, so be sure to look for the seams and get the drift in the right spot. Streamer fishing is really starting to pick up and have been catching big fish.

Guide Tip: Streamers on cloudy days equal big fish 

Hatches: Midges, Baetis, Eggs

Recommended Flies: NYMPHS: Red or Black Zebra Midge 20-22, Majic Fly 20-22, Jujubaetis 20-22, Pat's Rubber Legs Golden 8-12, Tung Rubber Leg Hares Ear 10-16, Iron Lotus 16-18, Barr Emerger BWO 16-18, Tungsten Pheasant Tail 16-20, Black RS2 16-18, Olive Two Bit Hooker 16-18

DRIES: Peacock PMX 10-16, Hackle Stacker 18-22, Extended Body BWO 18-22, Adams Parwulff  #16-20, Chuby 12-14, Tricos 20-22

STREAMERS: Home Invaders, Leadeye Bugger Black, Autumn Splendor, Cheech Leech, Barely Legal, Gonga, Baby Gonga, Sex Dungeon



The Colorado River originates in Rocky Mountain National Park.  We generally fish the sections from Gore Canyon to the town of Rifle bridge.  The Colorado is generally a wider and slower river with some faster canyon stretches and  excellent hatches and beautiful scenery along the river corridor.  The sections below Glenwood Springs are the first to be available in the early season for float fishing.  As the spring gives way to summer the focus shifts from Glenwood Springs and Dotsero, upstream to State Bridge and just below Gore Canyon and the Pumphouse boat launch.  The Colorado offers more remote stretches of water and  a slower pace to the day with an opportunity to view wildlife and unique geology along the way.

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Other Information
The fishing on the Colorado is good every month of the year. We provide Guided Fishing Trips Daily, even throughout the winter. Let us show you some tips to catching fish by hiring a guide for the day.