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Reporter: Patrick Perry 
Report Date: March 21, 2017

Current Conditions
The Upper C is fishing well, water temps still remian cooler so keep in mind your're cold water fishing tactics. Focus your efforts on the warmest part of the day. With spring in the air, Blue Winged Olives and Midges are the main hatches this time of year. Float fishing oppourtunities are best with streamers and nymphing but with the days getting longer, dry fly fishing will get better. Use the boat as portage and get out and nymph the good holes.  Streamer fish in between.  If you are up by Pumphouse, the fishing has been better as the day warms a bit. Sheephorn Creek near Radium has been spitting in some off color water, giving the water below Radium a little bit of off color. Piney River above State Bridge has also been spitting in some dirty water but it remains fishable. Keep in mind if rain is in the forecast these tribs could blow out and cause some clarity issues. The Lower C near Glenwood Springs has offered very consistent fishing with frequent midge and BWO hatches. Nymphing is still the way to go but when the clouds come out, be prepared for midge and BWO hatches.  The streamer fishing has been consistent. Dont be afraid to change up your flies regularly throughout the day.  Stoneflies, BWOs, and Midges are the main fare.  

Guide Tip: Try using an Pats Rubber Leg as an attractor this time of year.  With warmer temps the stonefles will be moving a bit.  It's also a weighted pattern so it will help the flies get to the desired area. 

Hatches: BWOs, Midges, Stoneflies

Recommended Flies:

NYMPHS: Pat's Rubber Legs Blk/Brw 6-10, Frenchie 18-20, Rainbow Warrior Black/Pearl 18-22, Tung Rubber Leg Hares Ear 10-16, Iron Lotus 16-18, Barr Emerger 18-22, BWO Magic Fly 18-22, RS2 Black/Olive 18-22, Juju Baetis 18-22, Flash Worm 16, Squirmy Worm 14

DRIES: Renegade 18-22,Hackle Stacker 18-22, Extended Body BWO 18-22, Adams Parwulff or BWO Parawullf #18, Sprout BWO 18-22 ** PRO TIP (try ginking up a barr emerger and throw it behind a sz 16 para adams.)

STREAMERS: Home Invaders, Leadeye Bugger Black, Autumn Splendor, Cheech Leech, Barely Legal, Gonga, Baby Gonga 




The Colorado River originates in Rocky Mountain National Park.  We generally fish the sections from Gore Canyon to the town of Rifle bridge.  The Colorado is generally a wider and slower river with some faster canyon stretches and  excellent hatches and beautiful scenery along the river corridor.  The sections below Glenwood Springs are the first to be available in the early season for float fishing.  As the spring gives way to summer the focus shifts from Glenwood Springs and Dotsero, upstream to State Bridge and just below Gore Canyon and the Pumphouse boat launch.  The Colorado offers more remote stretches of water and  a slower pace to the day with an opportunity to view wildlife and unique geology along the way.

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Other Information
The fishing on the Colorado is good every month of the year. We provide Guided Fishing Trips Daily, even throughout the winter. Let us show you some tips to catching fish by hiring a guide for the day.