Beginner Tying Class

So you’ve learned how to rig your rod, cast a fly and hopefully have hooked into a few nice ones. The next step to your development as a fly angler is to create your own flies. There’s no greater pleasure in fly fishing than catching a fish on a fly that you tied.

If you have been interested in getting into fly tying then this class is for you. We will be going over all of the basics you will need to know to move forward as a tyer. We will start by describing and learning how to work with the common tools of the trade. How to set up your vise, threading your bobbin, starting the thread on the hook, and learning the whip finish. You will then learn how to tie your first fly, the Woolly Bugger. This is a great first fly because it will teach you several techniques that you will use for the rest of you tying career, and it catches fish! You will then learn how to tie a Zebra Midge, an extremely effective but easy fly to tie.

Fall and Winter Dates:

*Call the Shop to set up a Beginners Tying Session (970) 926-0900*

The course begins at 5:30 pm and is around 2-3 hours long. Please arrive at Vail Valley Anglers around 5:00 pm to get settled in. The class will take place in the Vail Valley Anglers Learning Center which is located directly behind the retail store. The class includes all materials needed in the course. The class size is limited to six people. For more information please contact us directly at 970-926-0900 or