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Dr. Slick Twisted Loop Scissor Clamp 5.5in

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SKU: DRS00009: Gld/ 5.5 in


Clamps are clamps, right? Wrong. The Dr. Slick Twisted Loop Clamps feature an offset finger hole that greatly reduces strain on your hands, giving you added power for crushing barbs, closing split shot, and removing hooks. You might be thinking, my current pair is fine, I don't need these new-fangled 'stats and you may be right..for now. But one day, you might find yourself stranded on the river with cramping hands and a huge trout waiting underneath an overhang for that emerging pattern. That's the day you'll wish you had the Dr. Slick Twisted Loop Clamps. Don't be sorry. Japanese 410 Stainless steel Offset finger loop design Straight jaws Hemostat locking mechanism.

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