Fly Tying Classes and Clinics

Vail Valley Anglers is currently offering a variety of different fly tying classes for all skill levels. We pride ourselves in all aspects of fly fishing and think it's important to understand the art that goes into making the flies that catch fish. Our staff is more than happy to pass the knowledge on to all anglers. From basic beginner tying classes focusing on flies for the Colorado area to learning how to tie for saltwater fly fishing. We also offer one-on-one tying classes. Learn more about the various fly tying classes by selecting them below and reserve your spot by booking online today.

Meet your instructor:

Ray Kyle

Ray is a Manager and Wade/Float Guide at Vail Valley Anglers and has been tying flies for over 10 years. He has won several fly tying / Iron Fly competitions in the Vail Valley and Denver area. He has devolped a deep knowledge in entomology and fly fishing that helps with creation of fly patterns for the rivers in Colorado. He specializes in large streamer patterns, "euro" nymphs, and foam terrestrial patterns. Ray also teaches the Colorado Mountain College Fly Fishing 101 class and writes a weekly fly fishing article for the Vail Daily in the spring, summer and fall.

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