Rio Powerflex Tippet

SKU: RPI00109


Its important to know the differences in materials when choosing a tippet material. The Rio Powerflex Tippet material is a copolymer with excellent knot strength, abrasion-resistance, and suppleness. The Rio Powerflex Tippet is a great choice for fishing dry flies because the nylon generally floats better than other materials. Floats better than Flourocarbon Excellent knot strength Abrasion resistant

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1/1/2015 12:06:10 am

Great for dries

by usmc95

I use this in 4X-6X for fishing dries. Knots easy and doesn't sink like fluoro. I get these in the 30 yard lengths and is cheap enough to replace every year. I only use Rio tippet.

1/4/2015 9:31:42 am

Use Rio Power Flex for floating presentations

by tstoffel

Rio's product description is right on, and I completely agree with the previous review for dry fly presentations. For lake fishing, I recommend tying a 6' section Rio Powerflex Tippet from the end of your fly line to an indicator fly and suspending a chironomid pupa with Rio Flouroflex Plus.