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Angler's Accessories is a fly fishing wholesale company that has been in operation for over twenty years. Specializing in a wide array of affordable fly fishing accessories and tools, Angler's Accessories carries everything a fly fisherman needs to make a day on the water easier. Most fly fishermen are gearheads to some extent and all of us need specialized equipment to enjoy our preferred sport. From strike indicators to nippers, split shot to lanyards and retractors to hemostats, this Colorado based company has every conceivable gadget the serious angler could ask for. Because Angler's Accessories has been selling products directly to fly shops across the country for many years, they have a thorough understanding of what our customers here at Vail Valley Anglers look for when purchasing fly fishing accessories.

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Anglers Accessories Angling Design Quick Seine
"Ok accessory"

I have one of these attached to my catch and release net. It is nice to have when looking for bugs, but it sometimes washes off the net in stronger current. There are cheaper alternatives.
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Anglers Accessories Soft Lead Shot Refill
"Getting down with Lemer"

Get Lemer lead shot in BB size and get your flies down where fish spend most of their time.
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