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Waterworks-Lamson began not as a fly reel company but got their start by bringing innovative technology into the world of mountain biking as C1 Design Group. After making a huge impact in that arena, the company moved on to fly fishing in the late 90's. Waterworks acquired fly reel manufacturer Lamson from Sage in 1999 with the intention of bringing outdated, mechanically inefficient, and heavy fly reels into the 21st century by upgrading and modernizing designs and technology in ways that at the time were considered unconventional. Waterworks-Lamson was formed with the following goals as the core of the new company: reduce physical weight, achieve mechanical simplicity, maximize the benefit of large arbor construction, utilize superior materials and create the world's best drag system. Fast forward a decade and those goals have been realized. Waterworks-Lamson has changed fly reel design and performance permanently and they still continue to innovate new products every year. Vail Valley Anglers guides and customers know great reels because they use them day in and day out on all types of water for all types of fish. For tarpon or trout, we appreciate the thought and technology that goes into every reel created by Waterworks-Lamson and trust the company to continue to produce the lightest, most technologically advanced, high-quality fly reels on the market.

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Waterworks-Lamson Guru II Reel Black Edition
"Guru II G3"

Picked this up after handling one in a shop in Seattle. Balances out my Echo Ion XL 9' 7wt beautifully. I've been using this as my go-to bass and carp stick here in OK and it's performed flawlessly. Drag is tough and does a good job reigning in bigger fish without feeling light. Would recommend if you're looking to spend a little more than bargain barrel prices without breaking the bank.
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Waterworks-Lamson Litespeed Reel Micra-5
"Great reel for the Reef"

I have this reel set up on a client stick for the Reef and Mile. I like the conical drag, light and easy to maintain. Never had any problems with it, other than wording and graphics wearing off. I recommend it for a quality mid-priced reliable reel.
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