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Yeti Coolers stormed onto the scene in 2005 and changed the business of cooler manufacturing permanently. For guides, outdoorsmen and anglers everywhere, commonly used cheap, poorly built coolers were no longer acceptable. Yeti's unique rotomolding process and high level of insulation led to the creation of coolers that can be held to the highest standards. These coolers are the toughest in the industry and hold up to year after year of abuse. When compared to the average cooler, Yeti models simply outperform in every aspect. Food stays cold and ice lasts for days. In the boat, at the campground or in the back of the truck, at Vail Valley Anglers our guides depend on Yeti Coolers all year and our customers have grown to rely on them day in and day out.

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Yeti Coolers Bottle Key
"Sturdy and simple"

Got this for free registering my Yeti. Super simple, heavy duty. Tied some chord to the handle and easy to find inside the cooler.
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Yeti Coolers Hopper 20 Cooler
"For me, not worth the money, Hipster, not Hopper"

Yes, it is a Yeti, but like the Hopper 30, just not worth the price and it was returned. Very durable and great concept. I suspect those you do see with it are gonna be guides with a deep discount. The zipper opening is beefy, but once opened, it's small. Tundra coolers good, Hoppers, not impressed with.
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