Tours of Local Colorado Waters

When we take our clients on tours of the Vail Valley, we strive to meet their expectations. Well, it certainly helps that we have some of the most beautiful waterways in America in our backyard! The Vail Valley area is home to a unique variety of local rivers, creeks and lakes that help us provide the unique, memorable experience that everybody wants out of their fishing expeditions.

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Local Colorado Waters We Guide.

The Vail Valley is home to 12 different beautiful, pristine waterways that are perfect for angling. Along with that, there are several different lakes that provide different levels of challenge for all levels of angling. The “Big Three” waters that we typically tour are the Eagle, the Colorado, and the Roaring Fork. These make up the core of our angling tour package, but smaller rivers like the Piney, Gore Creek, and the Homestake Creek are popular choices as well. These bodies of water are home to smaller, more aggressive fish.

But we don’t just offer fishing trips in streams and lakes. We also offer hiking trips. If you’ve ever wanted to hike to a mountain lake, Vail Valley Anglers can help get you there! Other guided trips include:

Most of these come in both half-day trips to full-day trips. But you don’t have to limit yourself to just one area of beautiful Colorado! We offer three-day and five-day expeditions to up to three different rivers and over 150 miles for a full Vail Valley experience.

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Visit the Vail Valley to see areas that invoke images of a time-gone-by! Our tours float down rivers that are home to historic mining towns, and lands previously occupied by the Ute Indians. So if you want to experience the natural beauty of Colorado and the Vail Valley, contact us today to set up a guided tour!